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Emergency Dental Care When You Need It Most

dental patient holding mouth in painEmergencies are unpredictable, especially when it comes to dental issues. Dr. Sam Lavi and our devoted team empathize with the stress they cause and prioritize being there when you need us most. Whether it’s an agonizing toothache, a damaged restoration, or any dental trauma, Dr. Lavi diagnoses and offers effective treatment solutions.

If you’re currently experiencing a dental emergency, call us at (818) 980-8472 (Studio City) or (213) 623-2212 (downtown LA).

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry in Los Angeles is an immediate and specialized branch of dental care aimed at addressing unforeseen and pressing oral issues. It encompasses prompt diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute dental problems that arise suddenly, causing severe discomfort, pain, or trauma. The objective of emergency dentistry revolves around swift relief from urgent dental conditions.

Common Dental Emergencies

dental crownsEmergencies in dentistry span various scenarios that demand urgent attention:

  • Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth: Occurring due to accidents, injuries, or unforeseen circumstances, these situations necessitate urgent dental care to prevent infection and safeguard dental integrity.
  • Lost or Damaged Restorations: Instances involving broken dental fillings, crowns, or bridges require immediate care to avert discomfort and maintain oral health.
  • Inflamed or Infected Gums: Swelling, pain, or the presence of abscesses on the gums signify potential infection, warranting immediate professional treatment to prevent further complications.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth: Timely action and expert dental care play a critical role in salvaging a dislodged tooth. Ensuring the tooth remains moist and seeking immediate dental assistance heightens the possibility of successful reattachment.
  • Moderate to Severe Toothaches: Persistent, intense tooth pain often indicates an underlying issue that requires urgent evaluation and prompt treatment to alleviate discomfort.

Same-Day Dental Emergency Appointments

During dental emergencies, the element of time holds paramount importance. Dental practitioners like Dr. Lavi prioritize same-day appointments tailored to cater specifically to individuals in immediate need. These expedited appointments ensure rapid assessment, timely intervention, and relief, thereby averting further complications or prolonged discomfort.

Tips for Handling Dental Emergencies

Contact Your Dentist Immediately

Call your Los Angeles dentist as soon as the dental emergency occurs. Dr. Lavi can provide guidance, schedule immediate appointments, and offer crucial advice.

Preserving Dislodged Teeth

If a tooth gets knocked out, handle it carefully by the crown (top part). Keep it moist by placing it in milk or saliva to increase the chance of successful reattachment.

Managing Toothaches

Avoid using aspirin directly on the gums for severe toothaches as it may damage tissues. Instead, rinse with warm water and use over-the-counter pain relievers as directed.

Handling Broken or Chipped Teeth

female patient with broken tooth getting examined by a dentistRefrain from trying to repair a broken tooth by yourself. Instead, rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cold compress on the affected area to reduce swelling.

Addressing Soft Tissue Injuries

If there’s bleeding from the lips, cheeks, tongue, or gums, apply pressure using gauze or a clean cloth to control the bleeding. Seek immediate dental care if bleeding persists.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Maintain a small dental emergency kit with essentials such as gauze, a small container with a lid, pain relievers, and the contact information of your dentist.

Avoid Self-Treatment

While awaiting professional care for a dental emergency, avoid trying to fix the issue yourself. Improper handling may exacerbate the problem and complicate treatment.

Follow Post-Emergency Instructions

After receiving immediate care, diligently follow your dentist’s instructions for medication, follow-up appointments, and at-home care to aid in the recovery process.

Seek Professional Dental Help

Dental emergencies require the expertise of a professional. Schedule an emergency dental visit with our Los Angeles emergency dentist to prevent further complications and ensure proper treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover the cost of emergency dental care?
What can the ER do for a toothache?
What constitutes a dental emergency?
How do I prevent dental emergencies?
Does insurance cover the cost of emergency dental care?

Insurance coverage for emergency dental care varies based on your insurance plan. Many dental insurance policies cover emergency treatments, but the extent of coverage and the procedures included can differ. Review your insurance policy or contact your provider to understand the care covered under your plan.

What can the ER do for a toothache?

Emergency rooms (ERs) can provide temporary relief for severe toothaches by offering pain management medications. ERs typically lack the equipment and knowledge for emergency dental treatments. ERs might offer antibiotics or pain relievers to alleviate immediate discomfort but often recommend seeking professional dental care for treatment.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Several scenarios can be considered dental emergencies, including:

  • Severe Tooth Pain: Persistent, intense pain in the tooth or gums.
  • Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth: Especially if accompanied by pain or risk of infection.
  • Lost Fillings or Crowns: Resulting in discomfort or sensitivity.
  • Abscesses or Swelling: Indicating infection or inflammation.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Requiring immediate attention for the possibility of re-implantation.
  • Injuries to Gums or Mouth: Severe bleeding or trauma.
How do I prevent dental emergencies?

Taking proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of dental emergencies:

  • Regular Dental Check-Ups: Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings to identify and address potential issues early.
  • Maintain Oral Hygiene: Brush and floss daily to prevent decay and gum disease.
  • Use Protective Gear: Wear mouthguards during sports activities to prevent dental injuries.
  • Avoid Bad Habits: Refrain from using teeth as tools, biting objects, or chewing ice, which can damage teeth.
  • Healthy Diet: Consume a balanced diet, limiting sugary foods and acidic drinks to maintain oral health.

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Emergencies don’t wait for schedules. Stay composed and connect with us at the earliest hint of trouble. Dr. Lavi swiftly identifies the issue and provides a solution to alleviate pain or damage, so don’t hesitate to contact us for all your emergency dental needs.

For emergency dental services, call us at (818) 980-8472 (Studio City) or (213) 623-2212 (Los Angeles). Our Studio City practice serves Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, and nearby areas, while our Los Angeles practice serves Hollywood, South Los Angeles, and more.


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