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cost of dental fillings

If your dentist has recommended dental fillings to repair a cracked or broken tooth, then the next step is to find out the cost of treatment. While there are many factors that affect the cost of dental fillings, this treatment is among the most common and least expensive procedures in dentistry. It won’t cost you as much as dental crowns or root canal therapy, which are used to treat more serious cases of tooth damage.

That said, the cost of a dental filling is not the same for every person. It depends on many factors, such as:

The Severity of Your Tooth damage

Before dental fillings are placed, your dentist needs to thoroughly examine the extent of damage on the tooth, which usually requires an X-ray. Next, it is prepared for the filling. This process involves administering an anesthetic to numb the tooth, removal of any decay from the tooth, and cleaning the site. Larger cavities or those that have infection require more work to completely get rid of the germs before filling placement.

Type of Filling Material

There are different types of dental filling materials, and your choice of material will also impact the cost of treatment. The safer and more common and cost-effective option is the placement of composite resin fillings. These tooth-colored fillings cost a little more than amalgam fillings, and may even be as much as twice the cost, depending on other factors. But they are preferred because of their aesthetic result.

The Location of the Damaged Tooth

Treating back teeth tends to cost more than filling front teeth.

Discuss Finance Options with Your Dentist

Your dental insurance plan can cover some or all of the cost of dental fillings. Please discuss with your preferred dentist in Studio City about the available options to pay for your treatment.

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